Do your exercises the right way to avoid injuries.  Also, don’t increase the weight of an exercise until you perfect the movement (this is usually a problem with egotistical men instead of women)! 

Quality of movement in an exercise should come before trying to increase the amount of weight you lift in that exercise.  Doing this will avoid injuries due to incorrect execution of an exercise.  Performing a weight (or resistance) exercise incorrectly can cause pain in your joints, back or other unintended areas.   For example, the squat or lunge should primarily work and strengthen the gluteus maximus and quadriceps.  If you feel unusual pain or stress in your back or knees, this could signal injury or incorrect performance of the exercise. 

One good way to practice an exercise would be to perform it with your bodyweight, such as bodyweight squats or lunges.  Here is a good bodyweight workout:

–Prisoner squats, 10 repetitions

–Plank, 10 repetitions, 5 second hold

–Pushups, 10 repetitions

–Side lunges, 10 repetitions each leg

–Pullups, 10 repetitions

–Triceps dips on bench, 10 repetitions

–Calf Raises, 20 repetitions

Repeat this circuit 2 more times.  Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits.

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