Who doesn’t need regular motivation to stay healthy and fit? Kim Peterson’s site, CommonSenseHealth.org is just that…..common sense health tips.

Don’t always look for the next big thing or secret to be revealed about health and fitness. You know more than you think. If you need to start applying what you know to do, Kim’s site is there to help.

I am a member of the group Motivate Me!! Here are some samplings:

Just get started improving your health. It up to YOU……


Need help turning off the old television screen? Read this……

10 Reasons to Not Watch TV

Take charge of your life and make better health happen for you……………

Make it Happen

Quick fixes never work….why do we try them?

Quick Fix

Get on over to Motivate Me!! and join that group. We can help motivate each other.

Thanks Kim for making the effort to help us get healthier!

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