5 Fat Burning Tricks to Shape Up for Summer

Burn more body fat by using effective training methods that will shape you up faster. We all want to burn body fat and get our lean and toned bodies on. Get busy shaping your body better and faster. Its not enough to just exercise every day. You MUST do the right kind of exercise to get […]

Summer Season Bikini Body Weight Loss

It’s not too late to start shaping your bikini body! June is waiting for you to really get serious (if you haven’t already) about shaping your body. Take a picture today and then visualize how you want your body to look by the end of June. Then work hard and eat right to make it happen. […]...

5 Reasons Women REGAIN Weight

Its one thing to lose weight….and yet another to keep the weight off. Have you lost weight? Will it last? Or, will you weigh 30 pounds more in 2 months than you do today? Sure, you can starve yourself and lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. But, when you begin to eat again, you will […]