Do your cardio to burn fat.  Do a cardio circuit to maximize your time at the gym.  Do your cardio to burn calories during and after your workout.  Try this cardio circuit workout to better lean and tone your body.  Have I said to not waste time with 60-minute cardio sessions that wastes away your muscle mass?  Oh yeah, don’t do that!

MB Diagonal Chop

The best thing about this cardio circuit is that it is only 20 minutes per session.  You will get maximum fat-burning benefits in the minimum amount of time.   One of the best ways to avoid boredom with cardio is to do short, intense sessions.  You will be focused and it will be over before you know it!

Do each exercise one after the other with no rest to complete the circuit.  Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits.  Do the circuit 3 times.

Jumping  jacks, 1 minute, full speed

Ab ball curl up, 15 repetitions, slow pace

Captain chair leg raise, 12 repetitions, controlled pace

Medicine ball diagonal chops (pictured above), 10 repetitions each side, full speed

Jump rope, 1 minute, full speed

Back extensions, 15 repetitions, moderate pace

You can do this type of cardio circuit 2-3 times a week.  1-2-3  go!

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