Are your calf muscles too small?  If you don’t won’t to wear shorts or a bikini because your calves are too small, just work ’em harder!  You can build your calf muscles bigger just like other muscle groups. 

Calf raises

Build your calf muscles with a weight training circuit…with spring and summer just around the corner, start growing your calf muscles now.  There are many women who have shapely thighs and small calves because of genetics.  But, they don’t have to stay that way. 

Some people, because of genetics, have bigger calves than others and they don’t have to do any extra work to make them look great. Other people have very small calf muscles and want them to look more proportionate to their thighs.

This calf muscle building circuit will help you increase your calf size!

Here is the circuit (alternate between heavy weight rep days and full speed light rep days):

–Donkey calf raises, 25 repetitions
–Standing dumbbell calf raises (pictured above), 25 repetitions
–Toe lifts on leg press machine, 25 repetitions
–Standing calf raises on Smith Machine, 25 repetitions

Do this circuit 3 times. You can do this workout up to 2 times a week (separate from your regular weight training workout).

Now build those calves the way you want them!

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