Need a good butt-blasting cardio workout?  I did this workout on Saturday and I still feel it!  All it takes is 20 minutes but I recommend you do this cardio workout at least once a week to change up your routine.


Its very simple—do this superset:

–dumbbell squats, 20 repetitions, moderate pace

–bodyweight step ups (knee high platform), 10 each leg

–rest 2 minutes

–do the superset 5 more times

You can do bodyweight squats if the dumbbells make it too difficult.  Take more rest if needed.  This cardio workout will burn fat like crazy and improve your heart health!

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2 thoughts on “Butt-Blasting Cardio Workout!

  1. I just finished it and my legs feel like spaghetti! Almost scared to see if I will be able to sit down tommorow ha!

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