Burn body fat and build muscle with bodyweight workouts!  Bodyweight workouts use natural body motions that don’t limit your natural range of motion like machine lifting does….

Bodyweight workouts are also strength and cardio workouts combined……so it will save you even more time during your busy day.  If you have been doing the heavy weight training for a while, this workout can be a good change of pace for you.

Many bodyweight exercises are compound exercises.  Do as many compound strength exercises standing up as possible to burn more calories.  These types of exercises work major muscle groups.  Some examples include squats, lunges, pushups and pullups.  Full-body core exercises like planks and side planks work well also.  Spend less time posing on “mirror exercises” like bicep curls, calf raises and tricep extensions.

Bodyweight workouts allow you to develop strength that allows your body to stabilize itself.   Also, no two people have the same exact motions.

Doing bodyweight strength exercises will give you more calorie burn, more fat burn and will tone your body faster than doing the same exercises on machines!

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12 thoughts on “Bodyweight Workouts Burn Fat And Build Muscle

  1. Your absolutely right Leana! For those of us who just want rapid fat loss and a tight bod, body weight exercises are the way to go- they burn more calories in less time because like you said, more muscles are used simultaneously. Happy Holidays!

  2. I have the same sentiments Penny- I have no plans in starring in the next “Aliens” or “Terminator” sequel and am happy with the tight, toned look. Plus, total body workouts are much more fun and way effective in getting rid of excess calories because they work several muscles at once!

  3. I think bodyweight workouts are perfect for women who don’t want to get the beefy look machine lifting gives. It’s okay for guys to get bulging muscles from isolation exercises with weight, but I just want a toned, lean body with a hint of a six pack (as opposed to a shredded gut). 😉

  4. Used to be in great shape, haven’t hit the dojo for 2 years now because of a leg injury, but losing the flab I’ve gained since then is one of my top priorities nowadays. That’s actually the reason why I’m browsing your site- lots of great info here!

  5. I used to take-up martial arts classes and found them very effective for losing excess weight from body fat. Most of the warm-up exercises involved body-weight exercises and I’m pretty sure this was a big factor in causing rapid fat loss.

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