If you’re a big text message fan, use it to help you eat better, burn fat and lose weight. Is your cell phone glued to your ear? Use it wisely….don’t just send/receive LOLs, BFFs, etc.

text message exercise

So, texting nation out there: R U Xercising 2Day? R U Xercising 2Morrow 2? And so on…..U gt d idea (You get the idea). Use your TXT MSGs to help U n UR buddies Burn F@ (BURN FAT) n LUZ WGT (LOSE WEIGHT).

Why do people text so much? IDK (I don’t know)! It seems easier sometimes just to talk to the person. I’m not a big texter on my cell phone but many of my clients and friends are so I’m GWTP (getting with the program).

So, hre R sum QIK WGT loss TXT MSGs 4 U 2 snd:

1. d/l Fitness Hut WGT loss eB%K (Download FREE 10-Minute Fat Loss Workout)

2. do BOD WGT XRcZs 4 Cardio (Do Bodyweight Exercises for Cardio).

3. e@ ryt 2Day n Evryday (Eat Right Today and Everyday). wrt dwn wotU e@ (Write Down What You Eat)

4. gt XRcZ pRtnR (Get an Exercise Partner)

5. wlk 30 mins evryday (Walk 30 minutes everyday)

6. TXT pRsNL trainer a Q (Text personal trainer a question)

7. LUZ WGT n BURN F@ W intNse XRcZ of 20 min (Lose Weight and Burn Fat with Intense Exercise of 20 minutes)

Get your workout on today!  Check out my program below:


  • 10-day-curves-and-abs-jumpstart


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