What if I told you that there’s a direct link between the foods you eat and the seven key hormones known to throw your hormones out of whack?

What’s more, what if I told you that eating better could actually reset those hormones and get you off of your emotional roller-coaster?

Meet Dr. Sara Gottfried MD, wife, mom, Harvard medical doctor, and yoga-powered champion for your health, happiness, and hormonal equilibrium.

In celebration of her new book, Dr. Sara is giving away an amazing gift!

Click this link and you can download, absolutely FREE, The Hormone Reset Diet Community Cookbook.

This is no ordinary “pinch of this and shake of that” recipe book. It’s a guide to a whole new way of eating that can take the weight off and keep it off—not through dieting, but by eating so your hormones stay in balance.

And it’s 100% free for a limited time!

I have seen Dr. Sara’s protocols at work, and they are powerful. If you or a loved one struggles with weight issues or you’re tired of feeling cranky, brittle, exhausted, and overrun all the time, you owe it to yourself to get this cookbook so you can reclaim your vitality and shed the extra weight—permanently.

P.S. Hormones dictate what your body does with food – get the inside scoop on how to get them back on your side. This offer won’t last long (and when it’s gone, it’s gone for good!). Get your book now!

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Certified Nutrition Coach and Nutrition for Metabolic Health Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes that helps you to achieve better long-term health, which includes body transformation and ideal body weight.
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