Despite the various low-fat diets, low-carb diets, diet pills and energy drinks, we still have a weight gain and obesity problem around the globe.

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There are no shortcuts to getting lean and fit. Don’t place your fat loss and weight loss dreams on products and fad diets.

Here are 7 tips to change your eating habits in order to burn fat and lose weight:

1. Be careful when eating low-fat products for the purpose of losing weight. Low-fat doesn’t necessarily mean low-calorie. Sometimes these products contain other ingredients such as sugars and carbohydrates to make them taste better.

2. Carefully check the “Nutrition Facts” label to determine the total calories in the food product. Remember, if you consistently eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight (regardless of the type of the food eaten).

3. And, if you are trying to lose weight and body fat by food deprivation, it won’t work for you either. Why? Because your body defends itself by storing fat and slowing down its metabolism to compensate for the lack of nutrition.

4. The main purposes of exercise (resistance and cardio) is to burn body fat, lose weight and speed metabolism. Exercise and plan a healthy, managed diet. This will give you the long-term health and fitness that you seek.

5. If you are depending on weight loss supplements to lose weight, you will be disappointed. Instead, depend on regular strength training and interval cardio exercise to transform your body. Hard, smart work will get it done.

Research has proven that these supplements have no long-term benefit. Also, some of these supplements could be harmful to your health.

6. The energy drink business is a huge industry. So, how do energy drinks fit into your fitness program? First, know that any weight loss or weight gain goal achievements will be accomplished by your hard work and a well designed fitness program.

Second, you can accomplish your fitness goals without ever drinking 1 ounce from an energy drink.

Third, energy drinks often cause you to crash lower than the previous “energy high” provided by the drink. What was the question? Oh yeah, how do energy drinks fit into your fitness program?

And the answer is—you don’t need energy drinks to accomplish your fat loss and weight loss goals. You will get plenty of energy from proper nutrition and adequate sleep.

Remember also that many energy drinks are loaded with sugar which might hinder your nutritional goals. Energy drinks are also usually loaded with caffiene. Save your money on energy drinks and try a good cup of coffee.

7. You may need help from a personal trainer. Here’s one good way to tell if a personal trainer might work for you. You have tried just about every thing else in order to lose weight and get fit and nothing has worked long-term for you.

A qualified personal trainer is trained to not grasp for “quick fixes” when it comes to fitness and health and knows that longterm fitness depends on a systematic, progressive training program—and that takes time.

A personal trainer is trying to help you make “fitness become a way of life” and this will result in the PERMANENT BODY COMPOSITION CHANGES you want.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist
Certified Nutrition Coach and Nutrition for Metabolic Health Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes that helps you to achieve better long-term health, which includes body transformation and ideal body weight.
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2 thoughts on “7 Diet Tips to Help You Eat Better

  1. Hi, I really like your comment on low fat does not always mean low calories. A lot of people do not understand this concept. Great post!!

    1. Jessie…yes, all fats are not equal. Our bodies need healthy fats to function properly. Don’t believe everything on the food package.

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