Ready to change your bad eating habits? Write down every thing you eat and drink for 2 days to see what your eating habits are really like.

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This will show you what eating habits you need to break. After you write it down, say it out loud and you will hear your eating habits. It can help you make needed changes. It really works, just try it.

One thing is for sure: most of your weight loss and fat loss success will be due to sticking with a healthy meal plan most of the time (about 90% compliance).

You physically depend on your body to work, live an active life and exercise regularly. And, its been proven that you won’t be mentally sharp if you take in unhealthy food.

And, you know my take on supplements: try to get the nutrition you need from food. Save your money! Don’t depend on supplements to significantly build your body up, burn body fat or lose weight.

Check out my Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips:

Eat These 3 Foods to Burn More Belly Fat

1. Make the commitment to change your eating habits no matter what it takes…this commitment will help you overcome the stumbles and setbacks along the way. Get and follow a healthy meal plan as soon as possible.

2. As mentioned above, start keeping a food journal as soon as possible. Research has proven that you will have a better chance of succeeding with your nutrition plan and fat loss if you keep a food journal. By logging your actual food choices, you are holding yourself accountable throughout the day. You will also be forced to plan your meals better and avoid binge eating and emotional eating.

3. Get an accountability partner such as a spouse, friend or personal trainer. You can challenge each other to make good food choices.

4. Add healthy foods to your menu that you like. You are more likely to stay with a menu loaded with foods you like. Find healthy, nutritious foods that you like and get rid of the foods that are bad for you (interpreted “adds fat to your body” or “medically bad for you”).

5. You don’t have to strictly count calories but you do need to have a good idea of how much food you need daily to reach your goals. Set your daily calorie intake based on your basal metabolic rate, your activity level and your goals. This way, you won’t eat too much or too little. Maintaining the right amount of calorie deficit (burning more calories than you consume) is the key to burning fat and losing weight.

Once you get good at knowing how much, what and when to eat, you won’t need a food journal or calorie counter.

Eat right, exercise often, stay active and you will reach your goals!

Eat These 3 Foods to Burn More Belly Fat

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