In this fast and furious world of competition, everyone wants to stay active, appear smart and above all, live healthy.  It has now become an obsession to get a zero size figure.  And, I know so very well how hard it is to reduce weight (even if you are trying to lose a couple of pounds).


Following quick weight loss diet plans and taking weight loss pills are two ways to lose weight.  But, then there comes an important issue by following these methods–effects on your health.  Whenever you apply a quick weight loss diet plan, you feel weak, lazy and pain in different areas like your legs, or backache.   This happens because these quick methods reduces weight but also reduces your intake of necessary nutrition, vitamins, minerals and calcium as well. That is why most people don’t feel happy about losing your weight.

You need not worry anymore! I have some very effective strategies for you to follow to achieve weight loss the healthy way.

Healthy routine, healthy you:

Mainstream diet plans make you lazy. These plans keep your stomach empty and uses the body fat storage to keep up with the metabolism. This keeps you sleepy for most of the time, do you think this is healthy? The answer is NO!

That simply calls for a healthy routine!   Now the question is, what do you mean by a healthy routine? A healthy routine doesn’t make you feel weak.   That includes four basic points.   If you will follow these religiously, you will definitely see positive changes. These are:

  • Drink more water during the day and less in the evening/night. Drinking water in the later hours in the day often causes water retention in your body.
  • Take maximum calories in the morning breakfast and minimal calories during dinner. This increases the efficiency of calorie utilization as you start your day with the breakfast. After dinner, your physical chores lessen and calorie burning slows down to prepare for sleep.
  • Walk for fifteen minutes after dinner. This will help you maintain a flat stomach for good.
  • Go to bed early and wake up early in the morning. Human metabolism is naturally faster in the morning.

Basic Foods You Need

Let me reveal to you some facts of basic food requirements (which people are usually unaware of). When you start to follow a restricted diet plan, what do you usually do? Adopt a two week protein diet, or a fruit or vegetable diet plan, or another 7-day diet plan?

All of these restricted plans compromise your health because they lack the total nutrition your body needs.  Your body requires multiple vitamins, like, A, B, C and D.  Plus, your bones need calcium on a daily basis.  Calorie and/or nutrition restricted dieting deprives your body of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs.

Your body needs the nutrition from the macronutrients–carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats–for your metabolism to operate the right way.  Specialized eating methods, such as carbohydrate cycling, can be used effectively for fat loss.  But, you should master the foundational eating practices first because they can be maintained long-term.   And, more importantly, they will keep you healthy and fit.

Exercise is a Must

All natural weight loss programs must incorporate work outs. Exercise is one of the finest ways of reducing your weight while staying healthy. Exercise doesn’t only reduce your weight but increases your stamina too which is great for all your health issues.

Exercise for half an hour with strength training at least 3 days a week to build fat-burning muscle mass.  Do about 20 minutes of interval cardio exercise 2 days a week.  Walk 15-20 minutes every day, whether you workout or not.  This helps you keep an active lifestyle and keeps your metabolism active.  There is no need to over-train your body, as this will only cause injuries, illness and weight loss plateaus.


Keep track of your plan and be consistent with your actions. Be strong in your commitment; be flexible but firm. Always remember, your attitude is most important. Nothing is more important than your health. Weight issues are significant but health is more important.  Be smart and stay healthy!

Author Bio

Leanne Thompson is a writer and a blogger who has contributed to some of the most well-known Health, Fitness and Nutrition blogs. She has struggled with her weight in her teenage years, which has driven her to undertake a Bachelors of Nutrition degree in the renowned Iowa State University, mostly to study the needs of a human body and how to make the most out of her life. She has made it her life goal to spread awareness about the importance of healthy weight loss and the well-being of people she has contact with.

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