You have to take consistent steps every day to reach your fat loss and weight loss goals. And, once you reach your goals, you have to keep working and adjusting your exercise and nutrition program.

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Your workout program may not be working because you may be doing the same workout program that hasn’t worked for you. If you aren’t making progress, something needs to be changed.

Change makes us all uncomfortable…….and making changes in habits can sometimes be the toughest thing to do. If your exercise program isn’t giving you the results you want then there’s a reason. Changes have to be made somewhere or you will continue to be disappointed in your fat loss results.

From my experience as a life-long exerciser and personal trainer, there are 2 main roadblocks to people’s fitness success:

a. unwillingness to change your workout routine and b. unwillingness to change eating habits.

There’s many other reasons between those 2 main reasons but let’s just look at the bottom line here…..Here’s a real life example: I have a friend who has repeatedly asked me how to burn fat and get lean. My answer to her has been the same:

1. Cut your weight training workout time down from 2 hours to 40-50 minutes of circuit weight training. Do at least 3 days of weight training per week and alternate light and heavy lifting days.

You MUST build muscle to lean out your body. Concentrate on full body exercises that work major muscle groups. Exercises like squats, deadlift, lunges, step ups, chest press, shoulder press and rows fit the bill.

2. Cut your 60 minute, slow-paced cardio session down to 20 minutes of interval cardio. Shortening and intensifying your cardio session will burn more calories and fat during and after your workout. Long, slow cardio sessions wastes time and eats away at your muscle mass.

3. Follow a fat-burning meal plan that has food items that you like. This is not some starvation diet but a meal plan loaded with nutritious foods you like. You can maintain a meal plan that keeps you from feeling hungry. Don’t cover up those hard-earned muscles with layers of fat!

Actually, her 2 hour workout includes about 45 minutes of socializing…..anyway, her body fat hasn’t changed because she is still doing the same things. Bottom line: she has been unwilling to change so she will continue to get the same bad results.

And, these are just 3 changes she can make to start making progress. There are always more adjustments to be made as you live your life and change. But, you have to start somewhere.

What about you? Are you unwilling to change your workout routine and eating habits? If so, you will be just like my friend—-disappointed with your fat loss and weight loss results!

Burn fat and shape your curves leaner and meaner. You will look and feel great!

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist
Certified Nutrition Coach and Nutrition for Metabolic Health Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes that helps you to achieve better long-term health, which includes body transformation and ideal body weight.
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