If you want weight loss transformation, challenge your body with intense workout methods. High energy, 30-minute workouts will burn more calories and fat during and after your workout. Challenge yourself with exercises that test your balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

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This might require that you put that old favorite workout on the shelf and try something new. If you do, I guarantee you will burn more fat and lose more weight.

Exercise Post-Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) causes your body to burn more calories and fat after a tough workout. Your body has to work harder to get back to its pre-exercise state.

Here are 10 weight loss transformation workout tips to make your workouts more effective:

1. Incorporate one-legged exercises such as step ups, single leg squats, single leg good mornings, single leg medicine ball exercises, etc. These types of exercises are more intense than two-legged exercises.

2. Include exercises with your eyes closed to improve limb position sense (proprioception). This will also help you burn more fat and calories.

3. Exercise your body in all 3 planes of motion to improve multi-planar balance. This will help your body with 3-D toning. An example would be a grouping of walking lunges, side lunges and transverse lunges.

4. Exercise on different surfaces such as grass, sand, astro-play and soft surfaces to add more challenge.

5. Do combinations of one-arm and one-leg exercises such as single leg squat-to-single arm shoulder press.

6. Jump rope every day using different variations—two feet, one foot, shuffle, etc. Jumping rope is one of the best body coordination exercises out there. And, speed jump rope is even better to burn more fat.

7. Quickness and agility drills will burn fat like crazy and improve your dynamic balance. Balance training also improves your core strength.

8. Do a medicine ball workout which allows you to use natural body motions during exercises. You can also do medicine ball exercises full speed to help you burn more fat.

9. Try a kettlebell workout. Working your body in a different way keeps it guessing and is very effective for burning fat.

10. Do a dumbbell workout. These types of workouts are good for keeping you honest because your weaker arm or leg has to lift the dumbbell just like the stronger arm or leg. Dumbbells are also good for doing high speed exercises.

Here’s a good workout to blast the fat:

Strength workouts with plyometrics are advanced workouts. You need to perfect jumping and landing techniques or you will injure yourself. And, if you have knee and low back problems, high-speed plyometric training is not for you.

Try this workout (rest 30 seconds between exercises):

  • Bodyweight Squats, 10 repetitions
  • Squat jumps, 10 repetitions, full speed
  • Pushups, 10 repetitions
  • Lunge jumps, 10 repetitions, full speed
  • Dumbbell Rows, 10 repetitions
  • Tuck jumps, 10, full speed
  • Dumbbell standing shoulder press, 10 repetitions
  • Jumping jacks, 30 seconds, full speed

Rest 3 minutes between circuits. Do the circuit 2-3 times. Take more rest between exercises or circuits if needed.

Challenge yourself more and watch the fat melt away!

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