Has your body fat percentage been stuck in neutral lately? Have you stopped losing weight? There could be many reasons for your fat loss/weight loss plateau. The easiest place to make changes is with your workouts. When was the last time you REALLY did a different workout?


Making a radical change to your workout-type can make the difference in burning more fat and losing a few more pounds. Do you workout at a slow pace most of the time? Speeding up your workout and raising your heartrate helps you burn calories during and after your workout.

Kick your fat loss and weight loss program into high gear by busting through your plateau. If you’re stuck in neutral, you need to do something different. This doesn’t mean that you will work out longer, just smarter.

As time moves on, you have to make frequent changes to your exercise routine or your body will adapt. That’s when your progress begins to stall.

“Ramp up” the intensity of your workouts and “bust through your fat loss/weight loss plateau.” My observations of people working out is that many just simply don’t “go hard enough” during their workouts! Changing your body’s composition (more muscle, less fat) takes hard, smart work!

You will burn more calories, more fat and lose more weight with this method of training. Even so, don’t do the same type of training forever. Change up training types to keep your body guessing. There are many ways to change up an exercise routine—-do new exercises, adjust the intensity, adjust the amount of weight, adjust the repetitions/sets, etc.

Your body has the amazing ability to adapt to your workouts and bring your fat loss and weight loss progress to a grinding halt. You MUST be willing to vary your workout routine at least every 2-3 weeks.

Surprisingly, I talk to many people who are unwilling to change their basic workout routine (even when their progress has stalled). He or she says, “I will change….” One month later, there is still no real changes to the workout…..and no progress!

You can cut your weight training workout time down to 10 tough minutes of circuit weight training. You will alternate light and heavy lifting days (3 total weightlifting days per week). You MUST build muscle to lean out your body. You will do exercises that work major muscle groups.

Cut your 50-minute, slow-paced cardio session down to 10 minutes of fat-torching interval cardio.

Shortening and intensifying your cardio session will burn more calories and fat during and after your workout. Long, slow cardio sessions wastes time and eats away at your muscle mass.

Train hard and smarter to bust through your fat loss/weight loss plateau!

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