When I train people, it takes energy out of me. Guess what? I still workout on most days and some of those days “I don’t feel like working out.”

Don’t get in the bad habit of skipping workouts………..

Here are 10 hacks I use to maintain energy for the day and during workouts:

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1. Eat regular, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. That means eating about every 3 hours or so. This keeps my energy levels even during the long day’s activities.

2. Get enough deep sleep each night for energy, muscle-building workouts and stress reduction. According to Rehan Jalali, C.S.N.:

“90% of GH secretion occurs at night. The circadian rhythms help determine the regulation of hormone released in the body. GH levels need to be maximized during sleep to help rebuild muscle tissue and increase lean body mass. In resistance trained individuals, GH release was lower during the first half of sleep and higher in the second half, whereas it was opposite in non-training individuals.”

“It’s very important to get deep sleep, according to one detailed study; because if you don’t, it could mean a major decline in GH output, which is bad news for muscle building. The same study showed that GH secretion was majorly associated with slow wave sleep and that when REM sleep declined, evening cortisol levels increased. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that can break down muscle tissue.”

Seven to 9 hours of deep sleep is needed each night.

3. I know when I need to change up my routine to avoid boredom. On some days, I will split my workouts into 2 separate workouts, such as weight training during the day and cardio later on.

4. Sometimes, I just need a day off (even on a scheduled workout day). Learn to listen to your body. A missed workout now and then won’t stall your progress. You will be much stronger the next day.

5. When I’m really dragging, exercising outdoors always does the trick to energize me. Actually, my first preference is to exercise outdoors.

6. Doing something totally different often works for me—for example, I will occasionally do a group exercise class, like Spin. Or, I might swim laps.

7. Hanging out at the gym works. Its almost impossible to not workout at the gym (for me at least). It helps to see other friends “getting after it” during a tough workout.

8. Exercising in a totally different place works for me sometimes—such as running on the trails at the lake or doing a workout at the park or schoolyard.

9. Drink enough water throughout the day. Its easy to become dehydrated. “Water serves as a medium for the body to perform its life-sustaining functions, such as regulating body temperature and eliminating waste,” says Toby Amidor, a registered dietician in New York City. “If you don’t ingest enough water to help these metabolic reactions occur, you’ll become tired or lightheaded.”

Drink about half your weight in water each day. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink about 75 ounces of water each day.

10. Drink a cup or two of black coffee. How does caffeine in coffee affect your exercise performance? First, more caffeine is not necessarily better. Two much caffeine will make you tired and listless.

Researchers from the University of Luton reviewed 39 published caffeine studies. They found that caffeine users improved endurance exercise performance and short/high intensity exercise performance by 12.4% when compared to groups using placebos. Improved exercise performance will increase calorie burn and fat burn.

You get the idea…..try different things….when you make the lifetime commitment to fitness, that’s a long time! You gotta keep it interesting or you might quit!

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One thought on “10 Hacks to Prevent Skipped Workouts and Low Energy

  1. I think the right way to lose health is a healthy exercise regime and a good diet that you can actually stick to without too much trouble.

    I’m on the paleo diet myself and love it. I have lost a lot of weight and I feel much better with much more energy and positivity.

    The beauty about the paleo diet is that whilst there is a focus on good foods, there are so many resources to help you make these into delicious recipes. I have written about one of my favourite cookbooks here: http://cookbook-reviews.net/review-the-paleo-recipe-book/

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