Your body reacts to what you consistently eat. Over time, you can slow aging and reverse health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes with healthy nutrition, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle habits.

In the fat loss and weight loss arena, YOU largely determine how much you will weigh and how healthy your body will be. There are medical and genetic exceptions to this weight gain rule but that’s a subject for another article. For purposes of this article, you are ultimately responsible for your health, body fat and body weight.

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Slow your aging process with The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging These foods will also help you burn fat, maintain weight loss and improve your health.

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Despite the popularity of many “other reasons” for our nation’s overweight and obesity problem, I still maintain that the primary reason for your weight gain is a caloric imbalance.

Simply put, you will gain weight and fat if you consistently eat more calories than you burn. Some will say that theory is outdated. Don’t believe them.

Its important to eat the right types of foods for nutrition and health. But, you will also gain weight if you eat too much of the healthy foods.

Eating healthy foods will also boost antioxidant levels and fight free radical damage in your body. This will help slow the aging process and fight against development of diseases like diabetes.

According to Wiley InterScience, “Increasing evidence in both experimental and clinical studies suggests that oxidative stress plays a major role in the pathogenesis of both types of diabetes mellitus. Free radicals are formed disproportionately in diabetics.”

“Abnormally high levels of free radicals and the simultaneous decline of antioxidant defense mechanisms can lead to the development of insulin resistance. These consequences of oxidative stress can promote the development of complications of diabetes mellitus.”

Eat nutritiously to preserve the only body you have.

-Catherine Ebeling and Mike Geary are co-authors of the New ebook, The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging, which shows you how to eat properly all the time! Get it now!

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